Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Bhakti Thapa was a brave son of Nepal. In the beginning he was a soldier of Lamjung. After Lamjung was conquered by Prithivi narayan Shah he joined the Gokha army.

During the Anglo-Nepal war, Bhakti Thapa was in charge of Deuthal Fort. He had only a few soldiers and weapons like the Khukuri, Sword, etc. The British troops had modern weapons. A fierce battle was fought. Bhakti Thapa killed many British soldiers with his Khukuri. He fought fearlessly. While he tried to capture a British cannon, a bullet hit him and he died. The Nepalese troops suffered a heavy loss. The British General Octorlony was so impressed with his bravery that he returned his dead body to Amar Singh Thapa covered with a shawl. Bhakti Thapa attained martyrdom at the age of seventy.

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